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Chorleywood Livery

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We are a dedicated family owned yard offering excellent facilities which will provide your horse with a relaxed environment and professional care. Located 5 mins from junction 17 M25 and a short walk from Chorleywood Village and Station (metropolitan line)

* Competitive rates

* 24 hr supervision and security

* Qualified owner on site

* Large stables

* Toilet

* Year round grazing with post/rail and electric fencing

* 40 x 40 floodlit flexiride arena

* Mares and geldings are separated into small groups

* Floodlit flexiride round/lunge pen

* Private riding track and x-country field

* Tranquil setting located within the AONB

Terms and Conditions

Chorleywood Livery will take every care to ensure that all horses receive the best possible care and attention. However, owners leave their horses and equipment at Chorleywood Livery entirely at their own risk.

Chorleywood Livery cannot accept liability for any injury, illness, damage or loss, howsoever caused, to any person, animal or property.

Anyone entering the premises should be aware that there are risks involved whilst riding or handling horses/ponies.

Insurance is the responsibility of the owner and/or rider.

Children must be accompanied and closely supervised by an adult.

All livery fees are payable monthly in advance, the first payment being due on the horse's arrival. Livery charges and all other expenses will then be invoiced monthly and become due for payment within 7 days of the invoice date. All accounts will be paid up to date before the horse can leave the yard.

The repair cost of any major damage caused by a horse at livery at Chorleywood Livery will be charged to the owner.

Lorries and trailers can be parked at Fairfield Farm, providing owners accept that it is at owner's risk. Insurance is the responsibility of the owner, and Chorleywood Livery cannot accept liability for damage or theft, howsoever caused.

Owners may request a Veterinary Surgeon of their own choice to attend his/her horse at Chorleywood Livery and in such case, the owner or a representative must prepare the horse and accompany the Veterinary Surgeon on all such visits. In the event of emergency, injury or illness, horses will be treated at the discretion of Chorleywood Livery, by a Veterinary Surgeon of their choice. Owners are directly responsible for paying all expenses incurred for veterinary visits, examination, treatments and medicines.